August 19, 2006

Food Blogging

I have always been interested in blogs. I didn't know much about them until I took a food writing course at George Brown with Carol Ferguson - from Homemakers and Canadian Living mags. She suggested that keeping a blog was a great way to get experience with food writing so that you can then use that as part of your portfolio.

Food writing was going to be my new thing - for about 5 minutes - and then the reality of actually being able to get a job writing about food in Windsor, Ontario hit me. I'm over it now, and I think this blog may be able to fill my writing needs for now. (Thanks Cara for the suggestion!)

As for me, I am a foodie. I am obsessed with food - eating it, cooking it, reading about it, and watching it on tv. My shelves are packed with recipe books, magazines, non-fiction and fiction books - all related to food. I have taken cooking classes, food anthropology courses, and writing courses. I frequent various food websites and I adore looking at menus for restaurants. In my circle of friends I am known for my ability to cook, entertain and choose fabulous restaurants. I love food.

I decided to name this blog "Maple Syrup and Poutine" after my recent visit to Quebec. My interest in Canadian food in general was also an inspiration.

This is the beginning of something fun...

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