March 31, 2007

Food Bites

  • About 70% of the human body is made of water. But I am absolutely sure that if tests were taken from my sister, you would find it to be 45% water and 25% Peeps. Here is a link so you can to make these chewy treats at home. (DIY Peeps)

  • Albertans are serious about their culinary skills. Enough so, that one person was arrested for it (Source - CBC News)

  • A new cooking show is currently being marketed to various television channels. It is called "Dinner with the Band" and features Sam Mason, a chef from Tailor in New York, cooking with different Indie bands each week. "Cooking, conversation and live performance"- a winning combination! (Dinner With the Band)

  • Remember the last time you were at the beach? You were craving a gin and tonic and decided to pull out your bottle of Bombay, only to find the beach police fining you for having a glass bottle. Oh the shame of it!!! Reef Sandals has solved your problem. You can now buy their Dram Sandals, complete with 3 oz liquor flask built into the heel. (Reef Dram Sandals)

March 24, 2007

Self-indulgence seems to be a requirement to become a celebrity. This diva-like behaviour is also not uncommon when contracts are signed demanding certain food items before performing a show. "The Smoking Gun" has come up with a list of BackStage demands for various performers and some are quite hilarious.

Here are some highlights:

Turkey and Beef Bacon in separate trays and 24 pieces of KFC Chicken and biscuits- 50 Cent (beef bacon , is that not an oxymoron?)

8 bottles of Vernors - Ted Nugent (such a Michigan thing)

With their dinner, desert - Pixies (apparently someone didn't use spellcheck)
Correction: In my ignorance (which I know can be great) I did not realise that beef bacon is actually a thing. It is a popular alternative for those that require halal meat. * Sorry fiddy*

March 20, 2007

Are they trying to break your heart?

A Deep Fried Bacon Cheese and Beer Dog? Sooo gross, and mildly intriguing all at the same time.

March 14, 2007

Foodie News.

Finding magazines that are both about food and are Canadian is fairly rare. Luckily, with the invention of the Internet, e-zines and newsletters that fit this profile are becoming more and more common.

Some newsletters that are worth taking a peek at include:

Wine & Food Newsletter - from Toronto Life
Proclaimed as "Toronto's Best Culinary Coverage", though it does offer food coverage of other areas of Ontario as well.

Wine Current
"The best reviews of current wines". This newsletter discusses the LCBO's latest releases as well as wine released to local eateries.

This newsletter includes interviews, wine reviews, book reviews, and food news.


After loving the LCBO classes I took in the fall, absorbing more wine education seemed like an obvious decision when I received the new class catalogue last November. This time I chose to take the Introduction to Wine Appreciation course, and I brought along my mother. Having a companion to compare wine with and try engage in friendly competition made the course that much more enjoyable.

This course could be for a beginner or someone who is at a more intermediate level. As someone with a bit of a wine bakcground, i found that this just enhanced what I already knew.

This course was divided into four evenings:

1. White Wine

2. Red Wine & Your Sense of Taste

3. Sparkling Wines & Your Sense of Smell

4. Fortified Wines & Food Matching

Here is a list of the wines I enjoyed most:

Bird Label Riesling , Germany (568634)

Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand (293043)

Monterra Chardonnay, California (688010)

Ironstone Merlot, California (704353)

Rocca del Macie Chianti, Italy (741769)

Montecillo Reserva Tempranillo, Spain (621003)

Grant Burge Shiraz, Australia (725127)

Viu Maneut Malbec, Chile (16089)

Vino de Poeti Prosecco, Italy (897702)

Hungaria Sparkling White, Hungary (619288)

Lanson 1997 Champagne, France (722520)

Alvear's Amontillado Sherry, Spain (112789)

Blandy's 5 Yr Madeira, (11049)