March 14, 2007


After loving the LCBO classes I took in the fall, absorbing more wine education seemed like an obvious decision when I received the new class catalogue last November. This time I chose to take the Introduction to Wine Appreciation course, and I brought along my mother. Having a companion to compare wine with and try engage in friendly competition made the course that much more enjoyable.

This course could be for a beginner or someone who is at a more intermediate level. As someone with a bit of a wine bakcground, i found that this just enhanced what I already knew.

This course was divided into four evenings:

1. White Wine

2. Red Wine & Your Sense of Taste

3. Sparkling Wines & Your Sense of Smell

4. Fortified Wines & Food Matching

Here is a list of the wines I enjoyed most:

Bird Label Riesling , Germany (568634)

Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand (293043)

Monterra Chardonnay, California (688010)

Ironstone Merlot, California (704353)

Rocca del Macie Chianti, Italy (741769)

Montecillo Reserva Tempranillo, Spain (621003)

Grant Burge Shiraz, Australia (725127)

Viu Maneut Malbec, Chile (16089)

Vino de Poeti Prosecco, Italy (897702)

Hungaria Sparkling White, Hungary (619288)

Lanson 1997 Champagne, France (722520)

Alvear's Amontillado Sherry, Spain (112789)

Blandy's 5 Yr Madeira, (11049)

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