June 29, 2009

Food in the News - Lets Ketchup! (so cheesy)

(Image taken from National Post on-line article)
Ketchup, catsup - however you spell it - Which one tastes best? - National Post

More reasons to make your own ice cream (as if you really needed any) - CBC Food Bytes

Orange juice, be wary of what you buy - CBC Food Bytes and Toronto Star

We've discussed this before, just because it says "organic" doesn't mean it is "organic" - Gourmet

Lobster, it's cheap! Not for every Canadian though - CBC Food Bytes

Elizabeth Baird and Rose Murray cook Canadian - Windsor Star

Another reason to be proud of Canadian food - Canola Oil! - National Post

Cooking Club 2

Unfortunately, we lost another member of our club. Christine moved to Toronto - hopefully to start a new cooking club there. Julie is our new addition and so far has made some great contributions. This month's theme was "Salt". I love how each theme brings with it, many different interpretations.

The menu included:

Basil was subbed in for the thyme, which gave it a much fresher flavour. These were VERY easy and would make a great party food.

Pink Cadillac Convertible

None for me, but the rest of the group seemed to enjoy it.

Amarjot - Veggie Salad with Chow Mein Noodles and Raita

Julie - Herbed Roasted Beef in a Salt Crust.

We were all quite smitten with the crust, as none of us had ever done this before. Worth trying for a dinner party - cook less than the recipe requires.

Suzanne - Beet Chips with Various Types of Salt

I love beets in any shape or form. Cutting them extremely thin is the key.

Jillian - Crispy Waffles with Salted Caramel Coulis

To die for! Seriously, some of the best waffles I have ever had and the sauce is ridiculously good. I made the waffles a few days later to eat with local strawberries and whipped cream.