April 28, 2008

I'll take a cone

In case you have not noticed I am a bit obsessed with ice cream at the moment. My favourite source, other than my own ice cream maker, is London Ice Cream Company. I recently discussed my adoration for this place in an article for the Food Network.

Food in the News

Think that food and politics don't mix? Here are some news stories that suggest otherwise:

The price of rice, wheat and maize have increased with dramatic effects - CBC News

An increase in production is required to ease skyrocketing food prices - CBC News

Now that food prices are higher, 15 ways to save at the grocery store - Dallas News

Anita Stewart discusses again why eating local is so important - Toronto Star

How to be a responsible carnivore - CHOW

And on the lighter side:

How many Mentos does it take to make a Coke fountain? - The Telegraph
(picture courtesy of The Telegraph)

Cooking Club

Yay! Our cooking club was recently on the front page of the Windsor Star Food Section! Fairly complimentary overall. I hope it inspires others to start their own club.

(picture courtesy of the Windsor Star)

Cooking Club I - Mediterranean Feast

We had our first Friday Cooking Club meeting which meant that it turned out to be quite the party. It was nice to know that we could relax and enjoy our meal and drinks without worrying that we would have to rush off to work the next morning. It was a festival of garlic, and it continued to ooze out of our pores into the next day.

Dana left it up to us to choose our course and it turned out well, with one appetizer, three mains and two desserts.

The menu was as follows:

- a simple salad that would make a great dip for parties
- garlicky to the max but a great balance between the creaminess of the spread and the crisp crust of the eggplant
- similar to my lamb sandwiches except they were in flaky phyllo and covered with icing sugar, yum!
Imogen : Dash's Donair
- Mediterranean meets East Coast Canada. This sweet sauce will be used on all my future falafel.
Danielle : Nougat Ice Cream
- I wish I would have frozen it for longer, but it was yummy all the same
Rosemary : Grilled Figs with Orange Flower Water, Rose Water and Honey.
- very aromatic

April 15, 2008

Where to Eat?

A local blog recently did a poll of Windsor residents asking them whether they would prefer to support locally owned restaurants as opposed to national chains. The results were horrifying, with less than 30% choosing local eateries! I have great difficulty trying to understand why anyone would choose McDonalds or Applebees over a resto that supports the local economy and is more likely to have food grown in our region.

Windsor has a great number of restaurants that cover a variety of cooking styles and ethnic backgrounds. Many of these places offer dishes of very high quality that reflect the care and interest of the chefs that created them. To choose a place that is likely to serve something that has been formulated from a picture in a manual and created from premade patties or powdered sauces is not something I could do.

Here are some restaurants I have discussed in my blog and would recommend.

Mimi Gardens

Windsor Palace and El Mayor



Anywhere that serves Pizza

As well as a list of some of my favourite places.

Go out and support your local restaurants too!

April 1, 2008

Recipe Reviews

* As a gift, my husband took me to a Thai Cooking class a few years ago. Ever since we have been receiving updates about Healthy Gourmet Cooking Classes. Here are some of the recipes our instructor Arvinda has to share on her website.

* A recipe for Rob Feenie's Macaroni, Cheese and Lobster - yum!

* You can't screw up mashed potatoes! Or can you. Mark McEwan discusses how to make no-fail mashed potatoes.

Food in the News

The best places for breakfast in America - Details Magazine (picture credit goes to Details)

Is winter to blame for Canadian organic farmers lagging behind with products? - CBC News

Professional kitchen tools for under $10 - CHOW

I scored 12 out of 20 on this Chocolate Bar Identification Quiz - AOL

A discussion of the ever popular "Carnivore Chic" - Globe & Mail

Bacon that may even be good for you - Globe & Mail

Maple Syrup demand is growing. Sorry to those that missed out for this long. - CBC News

Cooking Club II - LCBO Recipes

Without sounding like too much of a lush, I'd like to declare my love for the LCBO. I do understand some people's criticisms of the monopoly they have over alcohol in Ontario and that they do not carry many wines and spirits that real aficionados are looking for. But what they do have is great service from educated product consultants , a good recycling program, convenient stores with some excellent products and more.

In the past I have written about wine tasting and cooking classes I have taken there. I have also discussed the many wines I adore that are sold. Yet the item I favour from the LCBO is their Food & Drink Magazine. This month, Cooking Club II was hosted by Lisa and she chose to have recipes from Food & Drink as our theme.

**Watch for coverage of Cooking Club in the Windsor Star in the next few weeks**

Our recipes included:

Lisa - Spinach Salad With Marinated Mushrooms and Ricotta Fritters (see below)

* Lisa's recipe can be found in the Food & Drink Spring 2008 magazine

Taloola Cafe

In the town of Olde Walkerville is a quaint area that houses a fantastic cafe called Taloola. They specialise in eclectic decor, live music, delicious bites and organic coffee and teas. Recently I discussed Taloola in an article for Food Network Canada.