December 1, 2007

In My Opinion...

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I apologise for the lag between posts.

On that note, I have decided to post some of my favourite eateries in Windsor, Ontario. I would love to hear your opinions on these places as well as suggestions of restos that you prefer!

Best Greasy Breakfast - The Velvet Restaurant

Best Place for an Intimate Dinner/Best Fine Dining/Best Wine List - Mamo Bistro

Best Place for Chicken Wings - Rock Bottom Bar and Grill

Best Pizza (this one was hard!!!) - Koolini and Riverside Tavern

Best Place to Grab a Beer - Kildare House

Best Place for Italian Food - Mezzo

Best Place for Ethiopian - Marathon

Best Place for Indian - India Palace

Best Place for Sushi - Teka

Best Place for Burgers - Gilligans

Best Place for Middle Eastern - El Mayor

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michael said...

Hello Danielle, new to the site and blogging. Thank you for a great website as well as your pic for fave Italian...