April 28, 2008

Cooking Club I - Mediterranean Feast

We had our first Friday Cooking Club meeting which meant that it turned out to be quite the party. It was nice to know that we could relax and enjoy our meal and drinks without worrying that we would have to rush off to work the next morning. It was a festival of garlic, and it continued to ooze out of our pores into the next day.

Dana left it up to us to choose our course and it turned out well, with one appetizer, three mains and two desserts.

The menu was as follows:

- a simple salad that would make a great dip for parties
- garlicky to the max but a great balance between the creaminess of the spread and the crisp crust of the eggplant
- similar to my lamb sandwiches except they were in flaky phyllo and covered with icing sugar, yum!
Imogen : Dash's Donair
- Mediterranean meets East Coast Canada. This sweet sauce will be used on all my future falafel.
Danielle : Nougat Ice Cream
- I wish I would have frozen it for longer, but it was yummy all the same
Rosemary : Grilled Figs with Orange Flower Water, Rose Water and Honey.
- very aromatic

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Ann said...

Glad to see you tried the briouats!