April 1, 2008

Cooking Club II - LCBO Recipes

Without sounding like too much of a lush, I'd like to declare my love for the LCBO. I do understand some people's criticisms of the monopoly they have over alcohol in Ontario and that they do not carry many wines and spirits that real aficionados are looking for. But what they do have is great service from educated product consultants , a good recycling program, convenient stores with some excellent products and more.

In the past I have written about wine tasting and cooking classes I have taken there. I have also discussed the many wines I adore that are sold. Yet the item I favour from the LCBO is their Food & Drink Magazine. This month, Cooking Club II was hosted by Lisa and she chose to have recipes from Food & Drink as our theme.

**Watch for coverage of Cooking Club in the Windsor Star in the next few weeks**

Our recipes included:

Lisa - Spinach Salad With Marinated Mushrooms and Ricotta Fritters (see below)

* Lisa's recipe can be found in the Food & Drink Spring 2008 magazine

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Anonymous said...

This an April Fool's joke, right? The KGBO as we less than affectionally call it is an early 1900s through-back that has no right to exist in today's world. Zero service, lousy selction, over-priced, not conveniet, but yes, they do have a glossy publication. People of Ontario, be ashamed for letting this monopoly continue -- we deserve better. Hey, how a about competitive marketplace for wine?