April 15, 2008

Where to Eat?

A local blog recently did a poll of Windsor residents asking them whether they would prefer to support locally owned restaurants as opposed to national chains. The results were horrifying, with less than 30% choosing local eateries! I have great difficulty trying to understand why anyone would choose McDonalds or Applebees over a resto that supports the local economy and is more likely to have food grown in our region.

Windsor has a great number of restaurants that cover a variety of cooking styles and ethnic backgrounds. Many of these places offer dishes of very high quality that reflect the care and interest of the chefs that created them. To choose a place that is likely to serve something that has been formulated from a picture in a manual and created from premade patties or powdered sauces is not something I could do.

Here are some restaurants I have discussed in my blog and would recommend.

Mimi Gardens

Windsor Palace and El Mayor



Anywhere that serves Pizza

As well as a list of some of my favourite places.

Go out and support your local restaurants too!


dinnerlately said...

Wow... that's unbelieveale. I'm always a fan of local eateries.

Felicia said...

I completely agree. Go local! :)