March 31, 2007

Food Bites

  • About 70% of the human body is made of water. But I am absolutely sure that if tests were taken from my sister, you would find it to be 45% water and 25% Peeps. Here is a link so you can to make these chewy treats at home. (DIY Peeps)

  • Albertans are serious about their culinary skills. Enough so, that one person was arrested for it (Source - CBC News)

  • A new cooking show is currently being marketed to various television channels. It is called "Dinner with the Band" and features Sam Mason, a chef from Tailor in New York, cooking with different Indie bands each week. "Cooking, conversation and live performance"- a winning combination! (Dinner With the Band)

  • Remember the last time you were at the beach? You were craving a gin and tonic and decided to pull out your bottle of Bombay, only to find the beach police fining you for having a glass bottle. Oh the shame of it!!! Reef Sandals has solved your problem. You can now buy their Dram Sandals, complete with 3 oz liquor flask built into the heel. (Reef Dram Sandals)

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