March 24, 2007

Self-indulgence seems to be a requirement to become a celebrity. This diva-like behaviour is also not uncommon when contracts are signed demanding certain food items before performing a show. "The Smoking Gun" has come up with a list of BackStage demands for various performers and some are quite hilarious.

Here are some highlights:

Turkey and Beef Bacon in separate trays and 24 pieces of KFC Chicken and biscuits- 50 Cent (beef bacon , is that not an oxymoron?)

8 bottles of Vernors - Ted Nugent (such a Michigan thing)

With their dinner, desert - Pixies (apparently someone didn't use spellcheck)
Correction: In my ignorance (which I know can be great) I did not realise that beef bacon is actually a thing. It is a popular alternative for those that require halal meat. * Sorry fiddy*

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