December 31, 2006

My Fantasy Meal

I have had some fantastic meals in my life. Some are because I think I have fabulous friends and family, others because I am pretty darn good at choosing quality restaurants, and finally because I know quite a few really good cooks.

Food, ambience and great company make for a fabulous meal. Here is what I would love to have for a meal in my little fantasy world.

Ambience: outdoors near the ocean in the early evening so that we could watch the sun set; tonnes of candles and wildflowers; a large round table so everyone could see and hear one another.

Chefs: A combination of Mark McEwan, Nigella Lawson, Thomas Keller and Mario Batali.

Guests: 10-15 people at the most. People that add to stimulating conversation without trying to dominate it. Friendly, funny, smart people that I love and care about.

The Menu: 10 -12 courses (like at French Laundry) - with matching wines/digestifs/apperitif
It would include the following ingredients in some shape or form: foie gras, short ribs, duck, gnocchi, ashed goat cheese, truffles, chocolate, sweet potato, Kaffir lime leaves, fennel, butter, cream, spinach, porcini muchrooms, tuna toro, chorizo, risotto, tomatillos, polenta, fresh breads, lobster, fresh crab, avocado, mango, beets, parmigiano reggiano, gorgonzola, basalmic vinegar.

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suz said...

Yum, I am madly in love iwth Mark McEwan's show! Losers that we are, we stayed in on New Year's and watched the marathon :)