May 13, 2008

Rock 'N Roll Sushi

Last week the Food Network posted an article, written by me, about Oishii's most popular night - Thursday's Rock 'N Roll Sushi.


Jordana said...

Can't say that I have been to Rock N Roll sushi, but I can say that I LOVE OISHII! I enjoy Ted's creativity. Next time you're there, ask him to make you a "Jordana Hand Roll"'s similar to a Dynamite Roll. mmm!

Robert Campbell said...

I love sushi too. Its good to see Windsor popularizing its seafood catch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle, love your posts on The FoodTV Blogs, could you cover Marathon restaurant next an Ethiopian Restaurant at 60 University Ave W.

I'd love to see how they're doing?


DANIELLE said...

Actually I did write a short article on my blog about this resto already. I LOVE it there.