August 11, 2008

My recent culinary adventures...

...and not one of them has to do with me cooking anything!

Over the summer I intended to cook every recipe from a particular cookbook. Sort of like the Julie and Julia Project. It was a romantic notion -- it never happened.

Some things that have occurred - food wise - this summer, besides our trip out West.

1. My husband and I took a day to compare the Coney dogs of four different diners.

Look for my upcoming article about the amazing Detroit Coney Dog on the Food Network Blog. In the meantime check out this article about the competition between the original American and Lafayette Coney places.

2. I ate at friend's and family's houses. They served pear and watercress vichyssoise, seared lamb chops, mango chicken stir fry, barbecues chorizo and one of my favourite indulgences - party potatoes (so gross and SO GOOD!)

3.My husband brought home every local fruit and veggie he could find from stands on his way home from work. What a good boy.

4. I experienced my sister's baking. She is not a cook, just has no interest, yet she concocted these two gorgeous cakes for her step-daughter's birthdays. I am utterly impressed.

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