September 28, 2008

100 Canadian Foods to Eat

Andrew at Very Good Taste, peaked my interest with his list of VGT's Omnivore's Hundred. After responding to this list I looked for more and found the Big List of "Things You Must Eat". I then knew that I must come up with a list that focused on the top 100 Canadian items to consume.

Below is the list. The rules will be along the same lines as Andrew's list:

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.

2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.

3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.

4) Post a comment here linking to your results

Maple Syrup & Poutine's 100 Canadian Foods to Consume

1. Arctic Char
2. Ketchup flavoured chips
3. Wild Rice Pilaf
4. Caribou Steak
5. Gourmet Poutine
6. Screech
7. Beaver Tails
8. Maple Baked Beans
9. Bison Burger
10. Bumbleberry pie
11. Nanaimo bar
12. Butter Tarts
13. Cedar Planked B.C. Salmon
14. Wild Blueberries
15. Pure Local Cranberry Juice
16. Chocolate from Ganong or Purdy’s
17. A cup of warm cider from your local orchard
18. Caesar
19. 4 of the following types of apples (Cortland, Empire, Golden Delicious, McIntosh, Spartan, Greensleeves, Liberty, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Golden Russet, Idared, Gala)
20. Freshly foraged mushrooms
21. Dinner cooked by Michael Smith, Susur Lee or Rob Feenie
22. Fondue Chinoise
23. Dish created from a Canadian Living Magazine recipe
24. Peameal Bacon Sandwich from St. Lawrence Market in Toronto
25. Lobster bought directly from a boat in a Maritime harbour
26. Handmade perogies from your local church or market
27. Alberta Beef at an Alberta Steakhouse
28. Leamington Tomatoes
29. Roasted Pheasant
30. Wild Game hunted by someone you know
31. Ice Wine
32. Habitant Pea Soup – entire can
33. Any Canadian Artisinal Cheese
34. Bannock
35. Tourtiere
36. Flapper Pie
37. Jellied Moose Nose
38. Saskatoon Berries
39. Fish and Brewis
40. Screech Pie
41. Fiddleheads
42. Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich
43. Flipper Pie
44. Montreal Bagels with Smoked Salmon
45. Toutins
46. Jam Busters
47. Bakeapple Pie
48. Bridge Mixture
49. Canadian Style Pizza (bacon, pepperoni. Mushrooms)
50. Shreddies
51. A cone from Cow’s Ice Cream
52. Lumberjack or Logger’s Breakfast
53. Jigg’s Dinner
54. Rappie Pie
55. Pemmican
56. Lake Erie Sturgeon Caviar
57. Belon Oysters
58. Brome Lake Duck
59. Beer from a stubby bottle.
60. A beer from Unibroue or Phillips Brewery.
61. Salt Spring Island Lamb
62. Fry’s Cocoa
63. A bag of Old Dutch Potato Chips
64. Every Flavour of Laura Secord Suckers
65. Chicken Dinner from St Hubert’s or Swiss Chalet
66. Hickory Sticks
67. An entire box of Kraft Dinner
68. Candy Apples (NOT caramel apples)
69. Corn from a roadside stand
70. A meal at Eigensenn Farm
71. Okanogan Peaches
72. Berkshire Pork
73. PEI Potatoes
74. Something cooked in Canola oil
75. Figgy Duff
76. Blueberry Grunt
77. High Tea at the Empress Hotel
78. Fresh maple syrup hardened on the snow
79. Oreilles de Christ
80. Nova Scotia Beer Warmer
81. A cheese plate containing Bleu Bénédictin, Friulano, St. Maure and Oka.
82. Black or red currant jam
83. Maple glazed Doughnut from Tim Horton’s with a Large “Double Double”
84. A glass of Mission Hill’s “Oculus”
85. Alberta Pure Vodka
86. Chokecherries
87. Canada Day Cake
88. Boulettes
89. Canadian Iced Tea
90. Mead
91. Fricot
92. Grandperes
93. Local honey
94. Creton on toast
95. Glen Breton Rare
96. A whole box of Smarties, where the empty box is then used as a kazoo
97. Grilled cheese made with Canadian Cheddar
98. A meal from Harvey’s
99. Lake Erie Perch
100. Red Rose Tea
If you are unsure of what the item is, look it up! Please pass the list on to your friends and fellow bloggers - whether they are Canadian or not.


jasmine said...


Will fine tooth it and post my results and let you know when I do it.


Brilynn said...

Season 3 of Dexter is off to a fabulous start!!! Have you ever downloaded episodes? You can usually get them the next day after the show airs and it means you don't have to wait a year for ctv to air the crappy edited versions... It's what I did before enhancing my life with the M1 channel.

Great list btw, there are a few on there I have to catch up on...

Dan said...

I've been to Canada twice and I'd still be lucky to make even a dozen of the things on this list!

Did my own for New Zealand food. Try the Kiwi Tucker Test!

Anonymous said...

"Did it, and only scored 60/100 so far--I've got to check out some that I don't recognize and some that I may have had, but don't remember the ingredients so that I can be sure."

Submitted via hotmail from Carol

Margaret said...

Bravo! I got to Canada 4x/year (being Acadian) and can cross a lot off my list. Thank you for including rappie pie (the celebratory Acadian dish)!

Andres said...

Definitively the ultimate Canadian food menu! Great picks Dannielle. For all those interested in discovering and sharing other Canadian goodies the All You Need is Cheese Podcast is working on a 100 Canadian Cheeses to Eat list.

This is what we have come up with so far:

Know other inescapable Canadian cheeses to recommend?

Reach us with your suggestions here:

P.S: Here are my personal results to Maple Syrup & Poutine's 100 Canadian Foods to Consume:


DANIELLE said...

Here's another link

Aimée said...

Bravo, fantastic list. I got hungry just reading it!

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian ex-pat in London, a number of those (Smarties and Fry's cocoa, for instance) aren't Canadian - rather, they're not American. We really do spend too much time defining ourselves by how we're not like Americans.

(57, for the record)

DANIELLE said...

Fry's and Smarties may not be specifically Canadian (just as wild rice and cranberries are not), but they are definitely products that many Canadians identify with and often miss when they move away.

Anonymous said...

45.5/100 (Yes, I gave myself a half point!) Thanks for coming up with such a fun list!

You can see my breakdown at

And thanks for the comment.


Anonymous said...

Another list.

Sarah said...

Yay! I finally accomplished my writeup! Thanks for a great trip down memory lane!

52/100... not bad!

ejm said...

Well, that was fun! (only got 51% though)


Jo said...

Mine are up!

How about wild blackberries? Coffee Crisp?

Kevin said...

Completed. This was great!

DANIELLE said...

And yet another one!

Culinary Dictionary said...

Wow, Its great list of canadian foods.

Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

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kyhu said...

I only hit 37%, mostly because I don't like seafood.
Thanks for the memories.

Michelle said...

This was fun!

kyooty said...

I just posted my list today. :)

Anonymous said...

You forgot a couple great Manitoba favourites: Smoked Goldeye and Pickerel cheeks!

I thought I'd also mention the "maple syrup on snow" is known as 'tire neige' or 'la tire sur la neige' here in Québec. It should be showing up around outdoor markets within the next month!

Now to see how I score...

lamaudite said...

Here's me:

judyfoodie said...

Great list!

Here is mine: