January 3, 2009

Holiday Cooking ... And Eating.

I am stuffed, still. The sad part about having friends and family that are awesome cooks is that they make great food. And during the holidays these amazing dishes are at their peak. Who am I to turn down good eats?

Over the past two weeks my husband and I have crammed our faces full of great stuff at brunches, dinners and cocktail parties. Here are the menus:

Brunch for 6

Wild Mushroom Frittata

Dinner for 15

Green Salad

- we used a femily recipe but this one is not bad either

- I didn't use walnuts and I added a splash of red wine vinegar at the end

Cynthia's Corn Pie
- one of my favourite comfort foods

Honey Glazed Ham

A New Year's Cocktail Party for 15

Iceland- Icelandic Lemonade

Fish Balls with Dipping Sauce
- yummy, with crunchy panko crust

- will knock your socks off, but is gooood!

-best served warm and wrapped around the beef

-I used flank steak and sliced it instead

Newfoundland - Screech
- will clean out your pipes!

Nova Scotian Sausage

Chile - Pisco Eggnog

-loved all the layers of flavour

Sliders with Cheese
- great way to cap off the evening

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