July 1, 2009

Food in the News - It's all about the alcohol

My tendencies toward being a bit of a lush have been stopped in their tracks by this pregnancy. How I miss a cold glass of beer on a sunny day or a nice glass of wine with dinner, gin and tonic by the pool, a litre of sangria just because - you catch my drift.

Here is a round up of recipes and articles for all of you still able to imbibe:

Fancy Tequila cocktails - Globe and Mail

Italian reds under $10, just in time to kick off your summer - Toronto Life

How to have fun, when you are "too poor for drinks" - Chow

Brilynn's recipe for Sangria Bites - Jumbo Empanadas

1 comment:

Christine Leong said...

No kidding, I've been craving for a glass of cold beer since the 1st trimester. It gets worse in the summer time when we're chilling by the BBQ.