September 17, 2006

50 Things Every Foodie Should Do...

I found an article about "50 Things Every Foodie Should Do" from The Observer - May 2005, while searching the Internet. I am pleasantly surprised to have completed some of them already! I'm not sure if this will be one of my life lists but I am proud to have done # 1, 6, 18, 20 (I'll count a dog from Coney Island in Detroit), 29, 40 and 44 (They were from Nova Scotia, instead of Nantucket which makes them even better).

How many have you completed?

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Christine said...

Not bad! Guess we've got to get to Paris.... Glad to have shared #6 with you, also the best meal i've ever had. I've also done 18, 33(Puerto Escondido, Mexico - caught a mackeral which we ate raw right off the boat practically!), 35(just a regular steak), 40 (does a bread oven count? ) and 45 (not gourged, just had a few times).