November 28, 2006


I have decided to start up my catering business again. I have given it the name of "Maple Syrup and Poutine Catering" - how original!

I haven't done a real catering job since I moved back from Burlington and I do miss it. It helped me to challenge my culinary skills as well as adding some extra moolah to my pocketbook.

On Thursday I will be putting out sample appetizers at a few workplaces, along with some pamphlets, in the hopes of attracting a few customers over the holidays.

Here is what is included in the pamphlet:

Spanakopita Triangles
These phyllo triangles are from a family recipe. They are stuffed with spinach, dill and feta and covered in crispy phyllo dough. Always a party favourite.

Shortbread Crackers
These savoury crackers come in two different flavours, please specify when ordering. Try both kinds: parmesan with pepper jelly or rosemary with blue cheese.

These Japanese dumplings make for a substantial appetizer at a cocktail party. They are filled with ground pork, cabbage and spices.

Both of these meat satays can come spiced to your liking. The tandoori chicken satay comes complete with a cucumber raita, while the jerk beef satay is served with chutney for dipping.

Phyllo Purses
These tasty purses come with one of two types of stuffing. Choose between tangy cranberry with brie or pear, blue cheese & walnuts.

I am still perfecting the shortbread, but I am having fun tasting all of my efforts! Hopefully I'll be able to do some extra cooking and help out a few busy people over the holidays.

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