November 19, 2006


Boohoo, my LCBO classes are officially over. I have now completed my last "Wines of the New World" course, as well as the decadent "Port, Cheese & Chocolate" class. All were well worth the money. I am hoping to go back in the Winter to take the "Wines of the Old World" course. The new calendar has come out at all Ontario liquor stores, so check it out.

Here are some products that I really enjoyed:

Wines of the New World

Grove Mill Pinot Gris, Marlborough, New Zealand (2005) - $20

Robert Hall Syrah, Paso Robles, California (2003) - $30

Casa LaPostolle Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile (2004) - $17

Bonny Doon Cardinal "Zin", California (2004) - $27

Henry of Pelham Cabernet Franc Ice Wine, Ontario (2004) - $36

Port, Cheese & Chocolate

(Obviously all of these are from Portugal - except the Madeira, which was just an extra thrown in by the instructor, but was really yummy. The industry is apparently working on establishing "Port" as a protected name, just like "Champagne". The rest will be referred to as "port- style wine")

Package of Taylor Tawny 10 yr, 20 yr, 30 yr, & 40 yr Ports - $ 280 (anyone want to buy me a gift?)

Nieport LBV Ruby Port, 2000 - $23

Harvest Malvasia Colheita, Madeira, 1987 - $85

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