February 9, 2008

The First Loss...

This year I was pumped to make chili for our Annual SuperBowl Chili Cook-Off. The last few contests have proven to me that I am not always good at cooking for the palates of a crowd. I decided that this February I would cater my chili to the masses and make one that would please others instead of myself (novel concept). My husband and I slaved over a hot stove on both Saturday and Sunday - adding spices and reducing the chili to the perfect consistency. After carting the pot to my friend's place, we placed it on the stove to re-heat it. We left it there for a short time and then I started to smell something burning. I ran into the kitchen to find that instead of turning the knob to low, I had put it on high and burned the crap out of my chili! I was hugely bummed out and decided to remove our concoction from the contest. Damn!

Scott and Imogen were this year's winners with a score of 80.5 out of 100. They received comments like" nice sweet peppers", "bbq'y", "too mild, too bbq'y", "too many peppers", and my favourite "smokey dirt". We're a kind bunch.

Next year I am going to do my recipe again but I will re-heat in a crock pot so there is no chance of burning.

Danielle's BurnOut Chili

3 lb. ground chuck
2 T olive oil
28 oz. beef broth
1 large can of crushed tomatoes
8 dashes of hot sauce
2 small onions, finely chopped
2 t Cayenne pepper
2 t beef bouillon granules
1 t chicken bouillon granules
2 t garlic powder
3T chopped fresh basil
5T brown sugar
1 t coriander seed, crushed
1 T oregano
2 T cumin
1 t pepper
6 T chili powder
salt to taste
1 can kidney beans

Brown meat in olive oil. Once cooked add onions and saute until onions have softened. Drain off half of the beef fat. Add beef broth and simmer for 10 minutes. Add tomatoes, hot sauce, cayenne and bouillon. Simmer for 20 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and continue to simmer on low until the chili has reached desired consistency.


TaraB said...

Hi, I have a culinary question for you. I see that for your chili recipe you brown the meat in olive oil. Growing up, my mother taught me that ground beef is fatty enough that it wasn't necessary to use oil when browning. Therefore, I've never used oil to brown beef. Seeing your recipe has me wondering if there are benefits to browning beef in oil (other than adding more fat!), such as making the beef more flavourful? What do you think?

DANIELLE said...

Hmmm, good question. I would say that I don't normally brown ground chuck in oil, but lots of recipes that I found for chili did I have that step, so I left it in my recipe. Some other things to consider:

- lean ground beef, or ground turkey etc. do not have much fat so browning in a bit of oil is helpful

- olive oil does impart some flavour in to the dish

- the original intention in my chili was to brown the onions in the oil before adding the beef (My husband didn't realise my intentions and changes some of the steps). The chili came out fine anyway so I just posted the recipe the way we actually completed it.