October 29, 2006

We're Doug and Wendy Wine-er!!!!!

Last week, I began my "Wines of the New World" Course at my local LCBO. Our first class consisted of a tasting of 8 different wines from the Australia/New Zealand area.

I love wine but I never realised all the subtle differences in smell, colour and taste until I was able to compare them side by side. I have done tastings before, but never quite like this. It is helping me to realise exactly what I really look for in a wine.

So far I seem to like wine that has high to medium acid but is smooth, dry and full bodied flavour.

The wines I enjoyed most included:

Stoneleigh 2005 - Sauvignon Blanc $14.95 (293043)

D'Arenburg 2005 - Olive Grove Chardonnay $15.95 (702845)

Nick Faldo 2001 - Cabernet Sauvignon $22.95 (1685)

All of these are available through the LCBO, but if you live somewhere other than Ontario they are worth looking into buying.

** A tip from our instructor - Aussie wines are cheaper in Canada than the US, but Californian wines are a rip off in Ontario. He suggested buying them at Costco in the States and then bringing them back with you. Even after paying the duty it is still a better price than at the LCBO.

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